Blue Eco pond and pool pumps

Since their introduction in 2010 it is hard to imagine the current pond world without Blue Eco pumps. Due to their durability and extreme low power consumption they have also drawn attention from pool installers. Blue Eco is conquering a steady position in the pond, pool and swimming pond market. Now with free timers and dry running protection!

  • Energy-efficient pump

    Blue Eco is known for its popular range of adjustable and energy efficient pond pumps. They have a fully adjustable flow and consume up to 50% less energy, thus
    benefitting not only your electric bill, but also CO₂ reduction and the environment.

  • Unparalleled flow

    The 900 and 2200-watt Blue Eco pumps are also available with the 4Flow pump head. This special pump head provides an unparalleled flow. The maximum pump head is lower than with the normal Blue Eco pump head, but this is offset by the enormous
    water capacity. The pump head is made of Duplex, making it 100% resistant to chlorine and seawater.

  • Intelligent controllers

    All of the various Blue Eco models have their own controller. The operating hours, electricity consumption, output and speed are shown on the display. The display also gives a variety of messages, such as those relating to faults. Blue Eco controllers have extra options, like 5 timer programs that can control the pump capacity and duration, the cruise control option and a full automatic protection against dry running. Blue Eco pumps have a 0-10 volt input that enables them to be operated externally.

  • Certification

    The Blue Eco is the only pump in its class that has both the standard European CE certification and the German ‘TUV Prufungs- und Testzertifikat’. The University of Shenzen also tests every controller and delivers them with a test certificate.

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Blue Eco models

The Marine version is specially designed for (saltwater)aquaria, but all Blue Eco pumps are saltwater proof!

240/320 watt

500/2200 watt

900/2200 with 4FLOW

240/320 watt

The 240/320 use the same pump but have different controllers. A 240 watt model is a 320 pump with a 240 watt controller. This controller is similar to the 320 watt controller but has a smaller True Sine Wave power module.

As of 2016, these models are provided with timer programs, cruise control and dry running protection. Connections 240/320: inlet 2½” male thr., outlet: 50/63mm.

500/900/1500/2200 watt

These models are suited for the heavier work. Also this controller offers many extra options, like 5 timer programs that can control the pump capacity and duration, the cruise control option and a full automatic protection against dry running. Even the possibility for a second, external, control panel for remote control can be installed. Like the 240/320, the display shows the hour counter, power consumption, amperage and RPM but also offers a vast number of messages to indicate problems, etc. A Blue Eco pump can pay for itself within one year.

Up to 50% less energy consumption, thus environmental friendly and good for CO2 reduction. Connections: 500/900/1500/2200: inlet 2½” male thr., outlet: 2” male thr. Blue Eco 900/2200 with 4FLOW pump head: 3” Male threaded (inlet and outlet).