Applications Blue Eco adjustable pumps

“Blue Eco pumps: Optimal performance in combination with low power consumption”


Since 2010, Blue Eco pumps have become indispensable in today’s pond world. With their durability and low power consumption, they have gained a permanent place in many a pond. The desired water flow can be easily adjusted by the external controller during the entire pond season. This means that when pond life flourishes in spring and summer and more water displacement is expected from the pond pump, the Blue Eco ensures optimum water flow. The flow can be reset during the colder months, saving energy. In comparison with other pond pumps, Blue Eco pumps work silently and vibration-free, which prevents stress in the fish.

Swimming ponds & Biopools

More and more people are opting for the natural beauty of a swimming pond. Great to swim in, but also beautiful to look at throughout the year. Thanks to years of experience in the pond industry, combined with insights from the swimming pool sector, Blue Eco is the most used pump for swimming ponds. The energy-efficient Blue Eco pumps have a fully adjustable flow and use up to 50% less energy. The pumps are not only beneficial for your energy bill, but they also contribute to CO₂ reduction, which is good for the environment. The pumps can be placed both in the swimming pond and outside the swimming pond (in the filter well)*. The pumps are easy to adjust in power via an external controller. This means that when the weather is nice and the swimming pond is used more often, you can easily speed up the water flow. During the colder periods, when the swimming pond is not used for swimming but the water must be clear, the flow is reset. This saves a lot of energy (costs) compared to a swimming pool pump.

*If the pump is placed in the swimming pond, it may only be switched on if there is no swimming. If the pump is placed in the filter well, it may be switched on when swimming.


When developing production systems for aquaculture, you want to create optimum conditions for optimum health and growth of the fish. This is accompanied by minimal risk, maintenance and costs. Optimal water flow in the tanks is therefore of great importance. For this, the technology for fish farming in closed systems must be optimally designed. This benefits the health of the fish, because risks of stress, disease and even fish mortality are avoided. Blue Eco pumps are therefore ideal pumps for optimally moving water within the closed fish tanks, in combination with low energy consumption. The pumps work silently, so you will not experience unnecessary noise pollution in fish production. In addition, Blue Eco pumps work without vibration, so that the fish are not bothered by this.

Waterfalls & watercourses

A waterfall or stream in your garden radiates peace and relaxation. The high head of the Blue Eco pumps makes it possible to pump water from the filter system to higher-lying sections of a garden in an energy-efficient way. This makes it easy to create a waterfall or stream. A stream or waterfall often flows into a pond, but this is not necessary. The amount of water and the flow rate of the waterfall or stream can easily be adjusted via the controller. This allows you to adjust the stream or waterfall entirely to your wishes.


An aquarium pump is needed for circulating water in an aquarium. The pumps ensure filtration and flow for a healthy aquarium life. Due to their capacities in combination with low power consumption, Blue Eco pumps are mainly used for large aquariums and show basins. The pumps are salt-water-resistant, which means that the pumps can also be used in salt-water aquariums.